Trailer Watch: George Clooney bores The American

George Clooney really tries hard to play it quiet.

The American

This is really not the time for George Clooney to get into a film like The American. He should have been on this quite some time back. George Clooney plays a hit man who is on his last assignment in Italy. But this time he is met with unfamiliar foes who want to make sure his life is a living hell.

So there is a whole lot of double crossing happening in the film. Control was Anton Corbijn first film and it had some really interesting action set pieces. He is a very visual director who really takes some great shots. The trailer fails miserably because of the dialog. He meets a female hitman he probably trains her into an assassin.

The American is directed by Dutch visual artist and filmmaker Anton Corbijn, whose only other feature film was Control from 2007, but he is directed numerous music videos as well. The script was written by Rowan Joffe and is based on Martin Booth’s novel A Very Private Gentleman. The film was shot independently by Corbijn both in Italy and Sweden last year and is being distributed by Focus Features in the US. The American will arrive in theaters starting on September 1 st.

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