There is no need to explain the plot at this stage of the promotion or at any time. Let people see this movie at their own time. Let it be found by them and let them discover the various intricacies. Many people are already giving hints of a lackluster summer. But many have forgotten too soon the effect of Kick Ass.

It is true for instance there are some really sad films like Prince of Persia, A Team and Dinner for Schmucks in the pipeline. So everything seems to work in favor of the lone white horse Inception. The film is something to really vouch for.

A final trailer for the science fiction will debut with Iron Man 2 next week. There is also this final one sheet that gives an idea of their world. The poster features some of the main cast including Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and a bearded figure we guess is Cillian Murphy and finally we have the reclusive villain Ken Watanabe.

Ken Watanabe is the second name in the credits of the trailer which is a sign telling us he will be the antagonist of the film for most part. Gordon Levitt has the best role in the film so that leads Leonardo DiCaprio into the best deal in the film.

The filmmaker is all in for this film’s promotion so it will be interesting to see what he does for the planned Batman sequel that will be releasing in 2012. So I think you guys need to concentrate on Inception first and then only Batman.