Paul Walker’s character will ‘retire’ in Fast and Furious 7

Hopefully, Paul Walker gets the proper send-off in Fast and Furious 7.


Following the unfortunate death of Paul Walker, Universal has found out hard to decide whether to scrap his character in the upcoming Fast and Furious 7 film or give him a glorious death. They have gone with the third option that is to ‘retire’ his character after the studio pushed the release date to April of 2015.

Chris Morgan, the screenwriter was brought back in to revise the script and decided not to kill the character but instead retire him “in a way that the studio hopes will satisfy fans of the franchise and make use of the exciting footage of Walker.” New scenes will be shot additionally in order to give the character a sensible send off which would satisfy everyone. I think it is the right approach since fans do want to see him in the next film but do not want to see him get killed just like that. Giving his character a meaningful send off would mean a lot not only to the character but to Walker as well.

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