antichristOne of the most beautifully shot films of this year. Antichrist has certainly seeped into the minds of the high minded Diasporas. It will take a lot to get into this convoluted plot. To get into the story is like getting into something more than what it looks like. Stories of a grieving couple, who have sex, liberate themselves from their misery. They are not really archaic but it is in the treatment where this film holds back. There is like a sly sneer on the director’s way of exploring this couple’s grief. It is the actors who push the limits of grief in this one, leaving their bodies as exhibits for the viewers. Charlotte Gainsbourg has certainly delivered one of the straightest performance by a woman in recent times. But did she need to push this so far. William Dafoe is perfect foil for her deranged consciousness.

There are several crying lights and animals that infest this film. One of the biggest shocks is the talking fox that seems to know a whole lot about their woes. But these gimmicks are still not going to the nature of this film. By now all of you know that Lars Von Trier has heralded himself as the greatest director in the world. His palette in the film is over zealous homage to one of the greatest Tarkovsky film The Mirror. By using a non linear black and white flashback we feel tempted at this reincarnation of sorts. Like the moment the child falls to his eventual death while his mother climaxes seems to feel a little forced no pun intended. But it is his deftness that is a cause of concern. But I think this will not deter his fans who will rejoice at this return to horror. I felt horror was more of a weakness in Lars case.

The use of water and also the sessions between the couple are something to watch. The use of faceless mourners is dogmatic and leads to something more than what the genre deserves. Their emotions are so raw that they leave us awakened. The rude awakening in the film comes in the questions posed in the end of the film. Where is the film going with that kind of ending? What is the reasoning of women being such vicious creatures? Is all this created in the mind of the characters I just wish? Will we be able to reconcile with ourselves after watching this. Or is this Lars Von Trier’s idea of a romantic film for teenagers of this generation. But is this a new age film breaking through some new boundaries in the genre. It is not even certain if he has a clue. But it is still a feast for your eyes as for all his films. It is a high standard he leaves us with. Films like Dogville and Breaking the Waves still seem to resonate in many of the scenes in this film. But you just wish this renewed sensuality in the part of director will make him loose some of his loyal support.