Lars von Trier will be working with Skarsgard and Dafoe

Lars Von Trier will be doing another controversial film and will be probably taking this one a little too far.

Lars Von Trier will be courting controversy once again with his next project. The Nymphomaniac will be the name of the movie. He will be working with his old collaborators on this new movie. The film has been described as a porno. Skarsgard will not be having sex with anyone.

Skarsgard in an interview revealed that he will be playing the lead role in the next Lars Von Trier. Lars called me and said Stellan, my next film will be a porno and I want you to play the lead in it. Then he told him that you will not be allowed to have intercourse. Von Trier will be trying to get Dafoe on board for this film.

The film will be about a woman’s sexual awakening – “an explicit exploration of female sexuality from ages 0 to 50.” The Nymphomaniac would be mostly dialogue driven. It will be a very amusing film, very erotic but very funny also.”

The film will begin shooting in the summer of 2012. There will be some casting updates over the next several months.

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