Weinsteins take on Single Man

A Single Man gets singled out.

AsingleThe Toronto Film Festival has been going mad with the last couple of buys in the festival. But one of them that got singled out early was A Single Man by The Weinstein Co. The Tom Ford director film has been in the news after Colin Firth taking the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival.

The deal like the Wrestler last time went into the night till the negotiations finally settled in. The screening of Tom Ford’s film was filled with several industry distributors. Finally it was Weinstein who took it all away.

A Single Man takes place in 1960’s L.A. and stars Firth as a man who has recently lost his partner of several years. The film deals with how he survives the trauma of al that has happened to him. The film will surely have a limited run before the awards season next year.

While this had been picked up, we hope there will be severally other buyouts that will out soon. I can’t for movies like Atom Egoyan’s Chloe. So you guys can wait on that when that happens. But do you guys think it was cool for the Weinstein Co. to take over this gem. You can check out the trailer of A Single Man over here.

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