Zhang Yimou has been working on his Blood Simple remake for some time. It has finally got a US release with a new trailer and poster as well. Blood Simple was directed by the Coen Brothers a while back. The remake is called A Woman, A Gun and A Noodle Shop.

There have been a lot of comic elements in the films, which have also entertained the directors of the original film.

Here is a small synopsis of the original film it is based on.

In an unnamed part of Texas, a bar manager, Ray and his boss’s wife Abby, are suspected of having an affair by her husband, Julian Marty. Marty hires a private detective Loren Visser who subsequently takes photos of Ray and Abby at a local motel. There is a phone call by the husband telling the couple that he is aware of their affair.

It gets into a big mess from then on. The Chinese version will revisit these old adages and create a masterful film. There is no release yet for the film. Check out the trailer for the film and tell us what you think.

Source: Twitch