She is known for her sterling work in Mystic River. Marcia Gay Harden will playing in couple more independent features next year. She will be shooting this summer for Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You and Detachment.

The first film will follow a recent high school grad who feels out of step among his affluent peers in upscale Manhattan despite being raised in a privileged albeit broken home by his mother, portrayed by Harden as a woman of wealth and privilege who owns an avant-garde art gallery where her son takes a job.

The film will start production in two weeks time. The other film is called Detachment, which recently began production with Tony Kaye director. It explores the modern state of human conditions through the eyes of teachers and students at a failing high school. Harden plays the principal, who is on the chopping block after the school’s poor state exam performances.

Detachment also stars William Petersen, Christina Hendricks and Lucy Liu. Harden will be having a great time shooting these films. She really deserves it and also the space on our blog. We will be following these two films closely.

Source: Variety