‘The Twilight Saga:New Moon’ is worst movie ever

How much disastrous can a movie actually be?

The New Moon

This might be my shortest review yet. Let’s start with the good first. The soundtrack I thought was decent, as well as Michael Sheen who had like 5 minutes of screen time. Dakota Fanning had about 45 seconds to show her face. That is about it. Acting is worse than first part. Pretty much every scene is cheezy and cliched with dialogues heard over a million times. The so called hyped special effects turned out to be something from a tv show.

Everyone is saying this movie is true to the book, and it might be, but the way its been approached with some really crappy editing and poorly directed shots, it makes the book look really bad. Why can’t the producers make this as good as the harry potter series or any other book to movie adaptation. The scene where Taylor Lautner removes his shirt off in slow motion to stop Kristen Stewart‘s head from bleeding was very funny that the audience, the so called fans of the book were laughing too. Another scene where Edward and Bella and eloping in the forest again in slow motion sequence, was just too laughable.

How important are dialogues to a film. Every line that Bella or Edward or Jacob says has been said in every movie made by hollywood literally. If the producers can’t make a good movie, then they should not waste everyone’s time in creating a hype that will be looked upon as fans as an insult to their favorite book. Why doesn’t anyone want to make this movie good enough so that all non fans would love it too. Trying to squeeze every cent from the audience is not going to salvage any pride for this film which will be forgotten the moment the movie starts.

The film made all the vampire and werewolves related movies look like some of the greatest movies in this genre. And worst of all, I can’t believe that the cast members think they are doing something great by acting in this movie. A piece of advice, you may never have an acting career after Twilight is done,dusted and forgotten, so get out while you still can.

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  1. it is very funny and interesting that in other parts of the world people acually lauged whilst jake removes his shirt and bella and edward run din the forest all vampiery.. good review.

    – norwegian in france

  2. i completely agree to everything in this review. i beg to differ with one idea though. this movie will not be forgotten by me because i honestly and truly believe that this is the worst piece of shit movie ever created. i have beef with the people that recommended this movie to me. anyone who tries to tell me this was a good movie, an ok movie, or even disagrees that this was a bad movie will be met with violence.

  3. omg! i agree with everything in the review and the comments. wat a load of bullshit! the way every1 was talkin about it, i knew it was but i didnt know it was pathetic and terrible. shit im literally gaggin on how bad it was.

    edward cullen was on the screen for about 40mins in total out of 2hrs! and yet it was his bloody face that was plastered on all the posters and promos.

    bella. is it only me that would like to kill her. gosh i’ve never hated a movie character as much as i hate her. shes so bloody annoyin pathetic. like some1 said, the whole bloody village seemed to revolve around her. the 1 simple thing she could have done to redeem herself would have been to get with jacob but no she had to screw that 1 up too.

    there was no highlight in this movie, it was shit right from the start. no special effects could have helped this crap.

    after casino royale/quantum of solace, i didnt think they could make another movie as terrible as them, but damn they hit the jackpot wit new moon.

    all the people who said it was good, are they nuts??

    utter waste of 2hrs.

  4. I so agree with you!! I saw the film in Germany with two girlfriends and we laughed in exactly the same places!! When Jacob removes his shirt we groaned and when Bella and Edward run through the forest, the entire movie theater was roaring with laughter- to this day, I’m still asking myself if the scene was supposed to be that stupid, or if that was what the director assumed to be romantic. Well, it wasn’t- it was pathetic. And everyone, I swear, everyone groaned when Edward had spoken his fina lines because it sounded so hollow- this was the worst film ever and I definitely will NOT watch the other two, even though I found the books pleasant

  5. Okay, the movie is awesome for the targeted audience but worst for others.
    By the way, the lines are really bad and acting is so wield.

  6. wow alot of people think the new movie is good because there’s warewolfs for god sakes twilight movie still sucks and the directer and writer sucks enough is enough with the twilight crap

  7. I totally agree, personally I think there is no chemistry between “Bella” and “Edward”, they both look so bored.
    “”He is the love of my life, “She is the love of my life.”
    YEAH RIGHT! :-/

    Then the acting,or should I say non-acting… well whatever you would call it, – was horrible. I think this was the worst movie and acting I’ve ever seen. THe only thing I can hear from Kristen is her heavy breathing. And ÓMG she looks so bored, can somone cheer her up??!!
    I do think that Taylor could act from time to time, and Yes ofcourse he is cute but no, it doesnt mean that the movie is good.

    The only person I think was really good, is Michael Sheen, U can tell that he knows what acting is.



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