Kristen Stewart takes lead for Snow White

Kristen Stewart is finally a lock on the lead for the Snow White role.

Deadline has finally got the final word on the casting of Snow White and The Hunstman. Kristen Stewart is in the final stage of negotiations for this film.

The film will be written by Evan Daugherty, the script was high up on the 2010 Black List pages, and this new spin on the popular fairy tale sees the titular huntsman being hired by the evil queen to track down her runaway stepdaughter, the fairest in all the land. When he realizes that the queen intends to kill Snow White, he helps her escape, and the pair go on the run. Apparently, the huntsman and Snow White will be chained together for a good portion of the film, and there is still a handsome prince who will win the fair lady’s heart.

The film is set to be directed by Rupert Sanders. The film will be released on December 21 st 2012.

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