Review: ‘Salt’ Lacks a Bit of Sugar

Despite Angelina Jolie's inspiring performance, Salt is just an average action flick.

Angelina Jolie

When the trailer debuted months ago, I had a feeling this movie had a Jason Bourne like premise to it and I was spot on.

Salt is what everyone would call the perfect summer action movie, but this is too light to feature even in summer. Even though I agree that this summer has been the worst summer in terms of really good action films and that Salt is better than most but as a film, it had everything what you have seen in old action films. There was nothing new or original about it. They involved the Russians in this instead of some middle eastern country and that is the only difference. The movie does take a while to speed up and it does come to its stride for some time and then slows down a bit and before you know it the movie is over.

When you look at the talent involved, not only Jolie, Ejiofor and Liev Schreiber you would expect greatness. But, the latter are hardly given much screen time mainly due to the fact that it is an Angelina Jolie film, so no one else matters. That is not how it works. Films like Bourne Trilogy had some pretty amazing supporting cast and they all contributed a lot which made Matt Damon look phenomenal in all the three films. After seeing films like Inception and even political thrillers like State of Play, Salt is a joke. It has got action but it’s not something no one has seen before and to see a rather thin Angelina Jolie is hardly believable.

The only plus points I would give would be for the entertainment value aka popcorn flick. So, if you are one who prefers to leave your brain at home and want to just watch a movie for fun without logic, then Salt is your kind of movie.

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