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The expectations are soaring for the new film by Pedro Almodovar’s next film. The story has intrigued are readers for months on end now. There have been couple of new images from the film now. It is finally break from his comfort zone, but he has been doing this for ages now. He still works to reinvent cinema all the time.

This time around he joined by the likes of Antonio Banderas for the first time since 1990’s Tie Me Up Tie Me Down. So the anticipation for this new film will be even more higher. 7

The film tells the story of a plastic surgeon seeking revenge on the men who raped his daughter, in the form of a creepy teaser trailer, but now there are couple of new clips posted by Rope of Silicon guys, including some great looking images from the film. The film will be a dark one for Pedro Almodovar. The Skin I live In will be expected to hit theaters sometime in November this year.