The hand to hand combat in this movie is really going to be unforgettable. The trailer was expected for sometime now. The voice over on the trailer can be a little irritating. But the action really stands out in this film.

Steven Soderbergh brought out the trailer for his second film Contagion even before he finished work on Haywire. That was a real surprise. This one plays out like an action spy film with an amazing cast. The film would not look this good without the help of Gina Carano.

She is really not that great with dialog but she substitutes that with her action. The long drawn out action scene with Michael Fassbender looks amazing. The supporting star cast includes Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton, Michael Douglas and Michael Fassbender.

Carano plays a covert ops specialist who is betrayed by the people she works for. But the extended the action sequence with Michael Fassbender got the buzz that film really needed. The film will be hitting theaters in January 2012.