Trailer Watch: Surreal Penelope Cruz in Broken Embraces

Broken Embraces shows a totally different side to Pedro Almodovar's work.

penelope1Pedro is the unofficial king of the psychological form of shooting. His shots are really spectacular in Broken Embraces. There is a hypnotic quality in them that will leave you inside the womb of a lifeless mother.

Penelope Cruz really soars in this film and she has put some of the best moments in cinema in recent times. She seems to be far away from the world of the plot. In this world of doubles and career miscarriages beauty seems to seep through its insignificant edifices.

We just got hold of the new domestic trailer from the movie. It is worth every bit. Pedro has lost his form in a good way and has created something disloyal to his following. Here is the trailer.

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John has a keen sense of what ticks in the world of film. He can also be seen in three distinct short film titled Woken Shell, The Tea Shop in the Moon and The Waiting. Cinema has been the basic diet he has been on for the last 10 years. His personality can be judged by the choices of his films.


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