There was a lot being said at this year’s Cannes by Abbas Kiarostami. There was also a lot of outrage when Jafar Panahi was put into custody for undisclosed reasons following a raid at his home. This is the first time the filmmaker has faced troubles with Iranian authorities. His films include some small gems like The White Balloon, Circle and Offside.

With news of his arrest spread around the world. People were not really happy with what happened to him. He had been invited to participate at the Cannes film festival. So symbolically they had left his chair empty at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Panahi has been about a week into a hunger strike before he was released on 20000 dollar bail but he still faces possible indictment. Iranian authorities continue to contend that Panahi’s arrest was not political and related to actual criminal offenses. I hope all of our thoughts go out to this fighter for cinema. Most of his films have been banned in his own country.