Plan B is taking on some interesting projects trying to push the limits of where they have to go in terms of content. It is mostly owned by Brad Pitt whose last film Kick Ass has already turned into a cult classic. Now Brad has his eyes on The Imperfectionist. The novel is written by Tom Rachman and is about the inner workings of an English language newspaper in Rome. Rachman is a former wire news service reporter who worked for the Associated Press office in Rome.

The book is said to focus on the reporters and editors and the collision of their personal lives and professional ambitions. It will contain some commentary on the declining world of newspapers thanks to the internet. But there is no official word on who will star in the film.

From an interview from Rachman he has elucidated on many of the personal histories in the book.

“I was dispatched to Rome, where I wrote about the Italian government, the Mafia, the Vatican, and other reliable sources of scandal.” He adds that, “[the book] contains views over Paris, cocktails in Rome, street markets in Cairo; the ruckus of an old-style newsroom and the shuddering rise of technology; a foreign correspondent faking a news story, a media executive falling for the man she just fired. And did I mention a rather adorable if slobbery dog?”