The face of Matt Reeves in the image below is one of regret and fear. Taking up this project was surely a crazy idea on his part. But for him to come up with a sequel for a great film like Let the Right one In should bring fear to his production. There are so many aspects in the original film which cannot really be brought to the American audiences.

The main reason behind this is the Puritanism that has plagued the whole North American continent. The new film Let Me in is based on the novel by best selling author John Ajvide Lindqvist.

The original film earned a lot of attention at various festivals. So the only hope riding the production is the presence of Chloe Moretz who was last seen as the foul mouthed Hit Girl. But Kick Ass really didn’t take of in the box office like predicted by its marketing campaign. She will be playing a youngster called Abby, a mysterious newcomer to a small New Mexico town where she meets the bullied 12 year old Owen, played by Kodi Smit McPhee who was seen in The Road.

Both the young actors have a lot to prove in this film. In all this going ons we have the presence of Richard Jenkins as Abby’s caretaker. Let Me in is set to hit theaters on October 1 st. Look out above for the frightened stare of the director Matt Reeves.