Here are some of the images of the objects and means of transportation used in the new movie Tron Legacy. These are really for the paranoid fans who want to see the cars and the suits of the film.

Click the images to get the high resolution images.

Tron Legacy reunites Sam Flynn with his father, a programmer and star of the original 1982 Tron who has been living in a digital reality fr the last twenty five years. The CGI and the VFX look amazing but this film will pale in comparison. The world of Tron is filled with lightcycles, recognizers, and cyber discs reflect the improvement.

These image include some of the stuff used in the older film and also some really cool upgrades from the film. Check out the images above and tell me what you think about them. There is also an extended trailer which can be seen below.

The film is expected to make its way in 3D, IMAX and theaters on December 17 th 2010.