Now the cast of the Soderbergh film seems to be growing by the day. Some the cast are still in talks. But we are sure of one person, the mean fighting machine, Gina Carano. She will lead in the front as a black ops spy who is betrayed by her team.

Channing Tatum has also joined the cast of the film. Antonio Banderas is still in talks to join the cast of the film playing the head of a black ops European unit.

There is also another set of actors also joining the crew. We have Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender who is known for his work on movies like Inglourious Basterds and Hunger.

Tatum meanwhile will play on of the elite specialists on Carano’s team named Aaron. He will be a military gearhead type who is sent to try and bring her back in once she is been double crossed and gone rogue. His mission is to find out who is really setting her up. But Tatum’s role is small but who will miss a chance to act with a director like Steven Soderbergh.

The film will feature a lot of duplicity, double crosses and even reversal of allegiances. Fassbender plays an untrustworthy teammate, Douglas ultimately proves to be an ally and McGregor will play the old flame in Gina’s character and who is also instrumental in making her who she is. Dennis Quaid will play her father. Mallory Kane will play the guy who takes the fall for an incident that involves a murder.

Steven Soderbergh had approached many action male who were not really ready to be beaten by a woman. So then he approached some of his friends who were really ready to jump along for this one. This will be something of a surprise with many of the action sequels getting shelved.