It is nice to see Naomi Watts looking at her best with some soft lights on her face. She has been working hard this year after the birth of her child. She will be seen in three movies this year. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Fair Game along with Sean Penn and Mother and Child along with Samuel Jackson. Last year she worked with Clive Owen on the beautiful The International.

The audiences did not really take to Woody Allen’s latest film. But his form has been down in the last couple of years. We have also a clip which shows the naughty Lucy Punch who plays a prostitute of Anthony Hopkin’s character. He has left his wife and taken refuge in this woman. The film also stars Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Frieda Pinto and Antonio Banderas in a string of relationships not woven to well though.

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Check out the clip and the images and tell us what you think of the film. Will this one be worth our time in the theaters you guys be the judge of that and inform me.