AgoraThe rushes for the film were just awe inspiring. Rachel Weisz has come a long way from the Mummy days. Agora is a film directed by one of my favorite directors Alejandro Amernabar. His work on The Others was truly remarkable. He really didn’t need to be shunned out of America for this popular film. The recession has done a lot of bad and good for the industry.

The film has already grossed over 17 million dollars in Spain already. It cost around 70 million to produce and failed to find a distributor in the US. It had its world premier at the Cannes Film Festival.

Audiences were drawn to the 4 th century spectacle. It tells the story of Hypatia who was a famous astronomer and mathematician. The price of the film was a major concern for many distributors who are now flocking towards it after the resurgence in the Spanish box office. The film broke through the opening of another popular children’s film Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs.

The foreign buyers are still hesitant of what to do with this film. So this trend could change with foreign cume becoming a big thing in the last couple of months a case in point is Ice Age.

Focus Features will now concentrate on how to distribute the film through the rest of Europe.