Zooey Deschanel might be a little angry that her movie 500 days of Summer was sorely missed at the Oscars. She has just signed on to work for a HBO half hour pilot adaptation of Pamel Des Barres famous memoir called I’m with the Band Confessions of a Groupie.

The story centers on Des Barres’s experiences in the 1960’s moving around with famous musicians and actors like Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page and Don Johnson as well as the heartbreak and emptiness of being substituted for the next pretty young thing. It is like an Almost Famous kind of book but not sure how far they can take it.

Sarah Jackson will also produce along with Curb Your Enthusiasm executive producer Tim Gibbons. It will be part of the fall schedule on TV.

Many famous film stars are actually getting into TV in the last couple of years. This is a good trend after the sudden emergence of TV in the advent of shows like Lost, Wire and several others.