Leonardo DiCaprio

There has been resurgence in thoughts that involve F.Scott Fitzgerald biopic in the last couple of years. Now there has finally been some big developments in casting for this films. Leonardo DiCaprio and Keira Knightley are about to sign on the dotted line for this one.

The Fitzgeralds were icons of Jazz age in the 20s and are famous for their illustrious erratic lifestyles. Both died relatively young in their 40s, leaving behind a legacy despite failing when first released, The Great Gatsby is now an out and out classic.

The film’s title will derived from Fitzgerald’s second novel called The Beautiful and Damned. It will tell the story of a Jazz socialite, his relationship with wife Gloria and his alcoholism, which draws from Fitzgerald’s own life. Hanna Weg’s script will focus on the couple’s turbulent marriage and their darker days including Zelda’s struggles with schizophrenia. Their travels to Paris and the French Riviera are also reported to be involved with Croatia substituting for said location.

DiCaprio has been rumored for the role since early in the film’s development. The role will be akin to something he played in Aviator. Leonardo DiCaprio will look kind of good in shots from the French Riveira.