Jessica Alba in poster for Machete

Machete gets a release date and is on our radar.

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After the release of Grindhouse in theaters worldwide who would have thought that they would bring out a movie based on one of the fake trailers in it. So it is great to see the actual trailer of Machete with a great cast to boot.

The film features Danny Trejo who worked hard to bring this film to the screen and have him to star in it. It also stars Robert De Niro as The Senator, Don Johnson as Lt. Stillman, Steven Segal who is the straight to DVD king as Torrez, Michelle Rodriguez as She and the beautiful Jessica Alba will be playing two characters one of them is Sartana.

Machete will not be an event movie but it will have its own cult following. Predators at the current box office is making very little noise it will be enough for it to be a hit. But nothing really is going to matter in the coming weeks other than Inception. Machete is expected to release on September 3 rd.

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