Jessica ALba

This is going to be a fun marketing strategy for all those young adults who can’t have enough of Jessica Alba. Robert Rodriguez has just cast her in his next production called Machete.

Alba reveals “I play identical twins. One’s bad and one’s good.” “There’s a tone of action in it. My character does a bit. I got to some action finally again.”

Grindhouse is the film that kind of launched these trailers for future movies. Robert Rodriguez has finally stopped working on the Spy Kids film. Alba adds that her character participates in an on screen bathtub pleasure session as well as taking part in some of the knife wielding, bomb exploding, and blood spewing action sequences.

The actress also goes on to describe the film as badass, fierce and old school at its best. This is after comparing to some of his old movie like Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn and El Mariachi.

Steven Seagel is also part of the cast. Jessica Alba had this to say about him as an actor. After she “kind of called him an actor,” the cult actor reportedly “kind of got mad at me and corrected me and said he was an officer of the law. And I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.” But he was really sweet about letting me known it was okay that I offended him.”

“He is a killer,” Alba concluded. “He is pretty badass and he does an amazing fight in the movie.”

Machete is basically done its post production with a release due later this year through Fox. It was based on a first look deal.