There have been very few films that really talk about transparency of media. When will we be able to achieve that? Is it only through film that we can explore through nature of events?

Our world seems to be getting polarized day by day. I’m not sure if it is good sign. I really don’t want to see a Gattaca sort of situation developing over here. The trailer of this film seems to tell us something about ourselves as humans. We are afraid of change. It begins as a repulsion then it turns into cynicism. We reach a point where we can’t stand it anymore.

Change seems to be a disease. It is transmitted only through people with totally clear minds. What about the complicated people who want to cover it up and let it not seep into the minds of the others. What is in store for these men? In real life they are given a chance to walk this earth with pride. But it is only in men like Daniel Ellsberg we see a future that is certainly going to change the way we look at everything. When a Truth so strong that it becomes difficult to keep your heads down anymore.

This is the reality of heroes in real life they don’t need no saving and they don’t get any. They are just there to show us certain truths that will pave the way for the selective thought process for mankind. Cinematically this has been explored time and time again as really poor clones of the realistic truths; for example Firm and Clear and Present Danger.

The film discusses how gullible the Americans were. Did they even know what was happening in other side of the globe? But they are still sheltered from all that is evil and try to look at it from above the surface. Is suffering something of an outcast in this country?

The Vietnam War did affect a lot of American lives. But the bureaucracy was only looking for victories. They didn’t want to show defeat at the hands of a lesser country. They were surely ill equipped to fight wars. Even now the Americans are treading the same waters. They have just lost ideas of Sensitivity and dialog.

But all this is just cues for history to rewrite itself. But what does History give us. I heard Martin Scorsese quoting someone and saying that The Past is relevant. But how well do we use it is up to our hands. Do we learn from it? Or just things happen that our totally out of our control and what people unfortunately call Life.