Trailer Watch: Red Band Trailers for Kick Ass

The Hit Girl show us how all the action needs to be done.


The character posters have been revealed couple of days back but I though I should feature some of them at least before you guys get a look at this really cool trailer. Kick Ass is surely going to be one of the better movies next year. This new trailer is surely not for the little toddlers out there. There is extreme profanity in this one and violence that is done by a really small girl named the Hit Girl.

Here are the posters from the film.

Hit Girl aka Mindy Macready is being played by Chloe Moretz. She is really one of the forces in the trailer. She is only thirteen there is also a possibility for a sequel to this film even before the first one is done with. Mark Millar is pretty excited with what he has achieved in this one alone. There is surely going to be some interesting non linear narratives in the film which will make this something special to look out for.

The trailer comes courtesy of Empire magazine. The trailers are really the bomb check out the character poster above. You can also check out a small clip from Nicholas Cage killing a child below this trailer at your own peril.

The second clip shows Nicholas Cage having fun with his kid and teaching her the ropes to make use of a Bullet vest.

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