Two LoversIsabella Rossellini and Alba Rohrwacher are all set to star in “The Solitude of Prime Number”, based on the bestselling Italian novel. The book was a rage for its brief glimpses of beauty and unfounded raw energy.

The film will be directed by Saverio Costanzo whose previous work Private won him a Golden Leopard. He followed that film with In Memory of Myself which went to Berlin. The Solitude is sort of a dream project for the helmer and with a dream cast in tow he surely can’t go wrong with this one. They will start shooting for this film in October. The film will be shot in Turin and Piedmont.

The book is more like a amalgam of trauma, love and math and it won the trop prize in Italy. The book was also published in 25 languages. Rohrwacher will play a young woman who deals with an emotional, as well as physical scar that dates back to her childhood. So expect to see this eventual masterpiece by next year.