Trailer Watch: Owen Wilson in Marmaduke

MArmaduke runs around everywhere and starts a fight with the Mutts to win his lady love.


The trailer for the live action dog film has finally come out really fast. We had just run a story of this couple of months back and we already have a trailer for this. The film is directed by Tom Dey. It is based on the Brad Anderson created comic strip.

For Phil and Debbie Winslow, moving their family from Kansan to the O.C. is a big deal. For their enormous Great Dane Marmaduke however, the move means a whole new way of life. It is chaos at home and awkward at work as the Winslows struggle to control their angsty teenage canine.

Tom Dey says he would like to approach the movie like a John Hughes movie with dogs, and the dog park like high school for dogs filled with all the kind of characterizations you might expect. The script sees Marmaduke navigate a volatile Mutts vs Pedigrees turf war, woo the purebred of his dreams and overcome a fall from grace. The movie stars Emma Stone, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Ron Perlman, Judy Greer, Anjelah Johnson, Steve Coogan, Lee Pace, William H. Macy, George Lopez, Stacy Ferguson, Damon Wayans Jr., David Walliams, Amanda Seyfried and Jeremy Piven.

The trailer is a parody of the opening of the O.C., complete with theme music, concluding with the reveal that Owen Wilson is a dog. Check out the trailer below. The film will be releasing next around June 4 th 2010.

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