Treme is one of those must watch series of 2010. There has been loads of talk about this one simply because of the association of David Simon on his one. The show will premiere in April. It has already got a teaser trailer for the series.

Treme is named after the New Orleans neighborhood in which it takes place. The dram unfolds with a group of musician and other folks struggling to get by in the Big East post Katrina. It will be a family reunion of sorts for not only vets of The Wire, but of Simon projects Homicide and The Corner as well. New Orleans native Wendell Pierce will play a jazz trombonist and Clarke Peters will play the leader of Mardi Gras Indian tribe. The Corner star Khandi Alexander plays the ex wife of Pierce’s character and a struggling bar owner, and from Homicide, Melissa leo will play a civil rights attorney.

We also have some images and teaser trailer for the series.