Kathryn Bigelow Held by the Taliban

Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal team up once again for possibly two films.

After her turn in Hurt Locker everyone seems to see where she will go next. Her film certainly raised some heavy eyebrows. After the even of so many movies on the same subject flopped, there was a need for such an awakening. It is only through time that this has helped the industry a lot. Now Kathryn has breathed a sigh of relief to major studio bosses.

Kathryn is now attached to direct Held by the Taliban which will be another film on the same terrain and uncertainty. The film is based on a five part series of articles by David Rhode for the NY Times about his account of being held by the Taliban in Pakistan. Rhode and two associates were doing research for a book when they were kidnapped and spent seven months and ten days in captivity before escaping.

His abduction will form the basis of the story. It is also notable as his colleagues at the NY Times begged other media outlets not to report the kidnapping, resulting in a media blackout about the story. Rhode’s story is pretty extraordinary.

There is also more work for her with her Hurt Locker script writer Mark Boal in the offering. So she really has her hands full for the next couple of years. The film is about notorious border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. So she might still back this film as well as work on the photography of Held by the Taliban.

I think it will be perfect to see how Mark Boal will join Kathryn in adapting this film for the big screen. The Hurt Locker is right now one of the much loved films of last year. It will be expected to take up some of the big prizes at this years Oscar race.

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