We have been following this movie for quiet sometime now. The news of the production of the Susanne Bier Film called Haeven has got everyone silently happy. The film is shot in the country of her birth. So the film will be slightly better than her work in the US.

One of her stronger works was After the Wedding and that is the film that launched her career in the States. She had her English debut with a powerful performance from Benicio Del Toro in Things We lost in the Fire.

Now her latest film Haeven has got a trailer. But some of the stuff in the trailer gives away a lot of drama and some strong story probably. But it looks like a typical Danish film. The film also marks the return of her writer of previous works Anders Thomas Jensen. The film stars Ulrich thomsen who starred in the Danish version of Brothers and The International.

The film revolves around the lives of two Danish families who cross each other and then an extraordinary friendship occurs. But after a little while loneliness, frailty and sorrow lie in the offering. The friendship then transforms into a dangerous alliance and a breathtaking pursuit in which life is at stake.