Now finally we got hold of the haunting trailer of Valhalla Rising. It seems to be a genesis piece on the history behind a prisoner held by a Norse chieftain, a fearless mute warrior aided by a boy slave. He eventually does a lot of cinematic damage and gets away from his captors and joins a group of Vikings.

Valhalla Rising is directed by the man behind the film that launched Mads Mikkelsen to stardom called Pusher. It was a trilogy which was in line some of the great TV crime dramas like the Wire and Sopranos.

This new film has been compared to many great artists. But it still looks a lot lesser than the films it has been compared to. The film is very different from the director’s last couple of movies including last years Bronson. The film is expected to hit theaters on July 16 th and should be something slow and studied to look out for. But will it live up to the hype that the trailer shows us above.