Trailer Watch: Ben Stiller In the Greenberg with the right Title.

Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig finally embrace the life they totally missed on it.


We had already discussed the story of this interesting film. The film is directed by the extremely talented Noah Baumbach who is known for his films like The Squid and The Whale and Margot at the Wedding. Two really beautiful French cinema influenced films.

Greenberg stars Ben Stiller, Rhy Ifans, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Chris Messina and Greta Gerwig. This film looks truly majestic compared to the director’s earlier release. I just couldn’t wait for Ben Stiller to get into something more serious. I just loved his work in movies like Keeping the Faith and Flirting with disaster.

This film will be in the same lines as the director’s previous efforts. The kind of comedy that will be hard to look at: The film is scripted also by Noah Baumbach. The story was developed by Baumbach and his wife, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. The film will be out in theaters by next year. Can’t really wait for this one. For those of you trying to look for the song on this trailer: LCD Soundsystem:- All My Friends. Enjoy.

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