Tom Hardy replaces Fassbender in Tinker

Tom Hardy will be a good replacement for Fassbender, but it will be sad to see Ralph Fiennes not part of this project.

The cast for Tomas Alfredson is getting better as the days go by and the shooting schedule is inching closer. Tom Hardy will now replace Michael Fassbender in the main roles in the film adaptation of John Le Carre’s novel called Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. The director has already got Gary Oldman playing the main character in the film. He will play George Smiley a recurring character in many of Carre’s books. He is a mole in the upper realms of the UK secret service.

The rest of the cast includes Ciaran Hands, Colin Firth and Jared Harris. Michael Fassbender will be working hard on X Men: First Class and so has been replaced by Tom Hardy. Ralph Fiennes was also supposed to be in the cast, but there are conflicting reports that he might not be there for the film.

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