The great Ratatouille gets 3D treatment

Ratatouille will be getting the Sugar treatment.

It would be lovely to see Ratatouille in 3D. It is by far the best Pixar movie is my view. After the release of Toy Story 3D the makers are pretty excited about the format. It works well with animation but for film it is still miles away.

We will also get a chance to see couple of older Disney titles like Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King. The kids will be flocking to theaters if this happens. The first film to get a 3D release from Disney was Up and did quite well for itself. But after the craze of Avatar things changed for the format it has become a widely used format for most of the blockbusters this year.

Brad Bird, who has just been signed on to do Mission Impossible which is really great news for the franchise, will be working on the 3D transfer for the film. So it is a great time for the format if these movies come out in them.

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