Trailer Watch: Missioon Impossible is going to Hunt again

Tom Cruise breaks a leg, an arm and every other body part imaginable in this new trailer for Mission Impossible.

The action and the stunts have been taken a step up this time around. Tom Cruise has risked a lot this time around. He is really the new special effect in Hollywood. The Bourne series had some amazing action set pieces. There was a lot of it that needed a stunt double. Tom Cruise seems to have gone all out this time around. He will certainly get the crowds back this time around.

The backdrops this time around also look amazing. The Burj scenes in Dubai really look breathtaking so there will certainly be something to look out for this time around. There is going to be some interesting references this time around to the older ones in the series.

Ghost Protocol also feature the work of the animated director from Pixar Brad Bird. This will be his first live action film. He has already referenced this series in his most popular Pixar film Ratatouille. The addition of him and a load of great actors. This will be something that will be really difficult to miss. Tell us what you think of the official trailer and give shout to us if you love it. Talking Films has endorsed this one and we will be waiting to get on board for the new hunt.

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