Steven Spielberg directs Robopocalypse next

Steven Spielberg seems to be loosing out on some great fun and will be directing Robopocalypse next.

He has officially said this will be next movie after the much awaited Tin Tin film. There were rumors circulating about this movie for weeks. We had kept track of this as well, but can Steven can do with this material is still to be seen. He has been good with science fiction. Robopocalypse will be a Terminator style film. The film will get a tentative date of 2013.

It is based on a book by Daniel H. Wilson that won’t even be published until next June. The book has been received in sections and has been like by Dreamworks studio and also had it storyboarded. The film will be scripted by Drew Goddard. The film has been pushed to go ahead with force now.

Spielberg has worked on some great science fiction films like Minority Report and A.I. Artificial Intelligence. It will be something special to see him return to this genre. It will herald something new we hope. So the film will be fully realized only after Spielberg is done his work on The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn and War Horse.

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