Stanley Tucci dance again for Burlesque

Stanley Tucci is ready to make some money dancing.

julieandjuliastilStanley Tucci will once again don a wig like in Shall We Dance for Burlesque. The musical will be directed by Steve Antin. Cher will be playing a role in this. Here comes the drag. She will play a veteran dancer who takes a small town girl played by Christina Aguilera under her wig (sorry wing). But if you thought all that sounded bad, Antin is known for his association with the Pussycat dolls. So this really can’t get worse.

Here comes the best part of the whole tale. There have been several rewrites by the Golden Girl Diablo Cody and Susannah Grant. Both women will be trying to lift it from the horrible likes of Fame and the Step Up and down series.

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