Stana Katic and Odetta Yustman join The Double

Odetta Yustman and Stana Katic fight for hotness in the Double.

Another spy action thriller in the works but this time they have truly beautiful women in Stana Katic and Odetta Yustman. The story follows a retired CIA operative who partners with a young FBI agent played by Topher Grace to track down the killer of a senator.

There is also Stephen Moyer who is also part of the cast already. Katic will play a feisty Russian prostitute who fiercely protects key information. While Odetta will play Topher’s wife a strong woman who raises a family while coping with her husband’s Bureau career.

The filming is expected to start in Detroit from June 21 st. The Double revolves around a mysterious murder of a Senator in Washington D.C. bearing the distinguished marks of a Soviet assassin,code named Cassius, who was long thought to be dead. So there will be a hunt to get the killer with the help of Richard Gere. He will be working with his new partner in Topher Grace.

So this will be something to watch out for next year. But it sounds quite silly because things will be all about getting to the twist of the film. I really can’t stand film with twists.

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  1. I’m pretty excited for this movie. The writers, Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, are going to be panelists at Austin Film Festival 2010. I recommend you attend if you live in the area.


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