Paths of Glory

Sony has the opportunity to adapt one of the most historical novels of all time, Jeffrey Archers’ Paths of Glory. Screenwriter Sheldon Turner pitched this idea to Sony, and they seem to have liked it a lot and are in talks to sign him to adapt the novel into a film.

The story revolved around the mystery if George Mallory‘s ascent to Mount Everest in 1924 was a success or not. There was a possibility that he climbed to the peak of Everest before Hillary and Tensing did in 1953, but controversy surrounded this when his body was found in 1999, as to whether he died while going up or going down as he never returned from his climb.

Sheldon Turner’s most recent work includes ‘Up in the Air’ directed by Jason Reitman, which I am looking forward to eagerly. No casting info nor any news who will direct Paths of Glory if Sony takes it up, but this is a great novel which deserves someone to tell this story in the finest way possible.