The Orphanage

Larry Fessenden, the guy who has acted, produced and directed before will direct the remake of the spanish film ‘The Orphanage’, to be produced by Del Toro.

The movie is about a woman who returns back to her Orphanage only to find out that the person who haunted her when she was a child was her son’s imaginary friend. The Original movie was directed by Bayona, a spanish director and for that reason itself, Del Toro is making sure another spanish director gets to make the remake.

Fessenden is mainly known for his low-budget horror flicks like ‘The Last Winter‘ and ‘Wendigo‘. Del Toro has this acute belief and faith in having his movies made by upcoming talent and he feels that Fessenden has what it takes to make this film as scary, horrifying at the same time being disturbing.

No lead actress has been announced yet, but who would like to see Nicole Kidman doing the lead?