Sam Worthington is all set to bite into Dracula

Sam Worthington can almost rule the world if he wanted to.


After Avatar Sam Worthington is all set to take on the world. He can almost to whatever he wants for the next few years. He is now an A List action star. Worthington is now interested in taking up the Alex Proyas film Dracula: Year Zero. He is pretty excited about the project as well.

No, these writers came up with the ingenious-what I think is ingenious-approach combining historical Dracula with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. So it chronicles the efforts of a young prince, Vlad of Transylvania trying to keep the Ottoman empire and the Turk’s of the time from using his small country as a stepping stone to invade Europe….so in a moment of desperation he looks at this mountain top in Transylvania that all the gypsies in his country say is haunted and full of bad black magic. And he’s never believed in any of that supernatural kind of what he thinks is hogwash. But in a moment of desperation he ascends that mountain to see if there’s any truth to any kind of power that he could use to keep the invading army out. And he finds something that gets him to where we have come to know him as Dracula and uses that power source to kind of fight the Turks after he’s changed.

Looking at some of the images of the older Dracula pictures it is pretty clear that Sam Worthington can easily play Dracula. The film will be something special even though there were some really good portions in Alex Proyas film. But it was Nicolas Cage who kind of destroyed the film for the rest of the cast.

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