Rust gets picked up and has a director

Devil Wear's Prada writer joins Rust to give it an interesting adaptation for the big screen.

Aline Brosh McKenna will be adapting the big screen adaptation of Rust: Visitor in the Field. She is known for her work on films like 27 dresses and Morning Glory. So this will be a shift for her after a long break. She is mainly known for her work on The Devil Wears Prada.

Rust tells the story of a boy Jet Jones, who crashes into a family’s farm in the middle of America after being pursed by a decommissioned war robot. Jet Jones could be the war ravaged farm’s savior or just a danger to the entire town. The studio seems to have probably over estimated the writer a little bit. But she certainly has a lot to prove before she takes up this project.

It is her work on We Bought a Zoo that has got her this job for sure. It tells the story about a man who purchases a zoo to fulfill his dying last wife’s last wist for Cameron Crowe. Tell us what you think of this development and do you feel there is any hope for a movie like this.

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