We got our hands on another set of pictures from the Robert Pattinson film called Water for Elephants. There were already some images of Christoph Waltz from the movie. But this one gives us a whole new look to the film.

Robert Pattinson is acting alongside Reese Witherspoon who can be seen in these images in a red dress. Here is a small synopsis below.

The film is about a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski a ninety three old man who lives in a nursing home. Jacob Jankowski gets into his first memory when he is around twenty three years old and preparing for his final exams at Cornell University. Jacob’s father is a veterinarian and Jacob has planned to join his profession.

But when there is a lot of debt accumulated by his dad because of treating animals for free and also mortgaging the house so that his son could study in an Ivy college that is when Jacob suffers a nervous breakdown and leaves everything. The head trailer will be played by Christoph Waltz which is really perfect. He abuses the animals like the new elephant Rosie as well as the people around him. But the matters get sort of out of hand when Jacob falls for August the trainer’s wife Marlena.