Review: ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ is the end of the Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga finally comes to an end.

Finally, The Twilight Saga has come to an end. The movie starts with very fancy yet impressive credits, so there was this expectation that maybe this one would be the best of the series. But did it live up to those expectations and moreover, did it live up to its hype?

This film starts where the last film left off. Bella (Kristen Stewart) has just given birth to her daughter Renesmee. This supernatural birth brings Bella close to death, so Edward saves her by making her a vampire. Now, when the Volturri find out about Renesmee, they consider her a threat to their existence and hence seek to kill her. Will the Cullen family be able to protect Renesmee and themselves from ultimate destruction?

The beginning of this movie are filled with the same clunky scenes and corny dialog that we have all seen and cringed to in all the previous movies. The acting is just pure robotic. At one point, I felt like I was watching a comedy film. The lack of seriousness in the script was the main reason. The story shows that there is great tension, but the actors did not do justice to that. The very long scene showing Bella’s reaction to Jacob’s imprinting is particularly hilarious. Just like every other film, it seems like the only reason Taylor Lautner is in the film is to take his shirt off which never seems to get old for the twilight fans.

The climactic battle scenes between the Cullens and the Volturri were another matter though. Sure it was pure computer generated mayhem and violence. But for those who have not read the books and just followed the films, the battle scene and how they expanded it from the book was probably the best bit of story telling that would definitely set this movie apart from its predecessors.

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In the closing scenes set in the familiar field of purple flowers we have seen before, they probably could not find any other color flowers to shoot that scene on, followed by the longest end credits scene ever showcasing the cast from the first movie thru all the movies up to the last one. I am pretty sure some of the twi-hard fans had their emotional moment.

Definitely did expect more considering that this is the finale and the final film in the so called “Twilight Phenomenon”. It was not epic with nothing grandeur about it. It felt like the filmmakers just wanted to milk whatever they could from this one without spending too much.


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