Noah is in the midst of completing his work with Ben Stiller called Greenberg. The film will hit theaters this month. It will see Ben Stiller in a completely new light with a little more maturity. Ben Stiller plays a 40 year old man who aimlessly walks on the streets of New York and does not feel like working. He moves to Los Angeles in order to figure out his life from here on. He is housing sitting at his brother’s place.

He is reworking from a breakdown and starts to have a unlikely relationship with Greta Gerwig. Noah is really shaping for something great. He seems to be in a world akin to the French films. His last films were Squid and the Whale and the unlikeable Margot at the Wedding. Now he plans to work with Wes Anderson on his next film. So they are back together once again for something great.

“Wes and I do have another…I dunno id you would call it a partly written script – but it is a partly written story, ideas and scenes that we have been talking about for a long time,” Baubach told The Playlist in an interview conducted yesterday.

He also added. “It is becoming kind of an ongoing document of our friendship; it is something we keep adding to every time we see each other. At least once or twice they will be something that cracks us up that we will go, ‘Oh, which should go into the script,’ but I’m not necessarily sure if we will end up finishing it. In some ways it is more fun to just add to it.”

The film he said has a very basic premise, it has a lot of characters, it has a lot of story actually, but these things transform all the time. You think the story is one thing and then it turns out to be another.”

Baumbach has two projects in the pipeline one the The Emperor’s children adaptation that he will be directing for Ron Howard. The other won is called Prep written by Curtis Sittenfeld.

It is interesting to note because when Baumbach first signed on to adapt Claire Messud’s Emperor’s Children. The film is about Ivy League grads living on New York’s Upper West Side and approaching their 30s with unease and apprehension.

There is also the coming age of tale called Prep which has been completed for some time, but still lingers with the director. It is a great book and is really fun to adapt. The film will be about the boarding school set novel. It tells the story of a South Ben, Indiana Ault school, an East Coast institution where money was everywhere on campus, but it was usually invisible.” Class and teen social structures will obviously be a focus.

There is a lot of control in the hands of these men. They have all the time to adapt their great stories which in a way is a great thing. But I really can’t wait to see what Noah does to Ben Stiller.