New Trailer for Jim Sheridan’s Brothers

The Trailer takes off at a brisk pace.


It has been a while since I saw a trailer that starts off soo intense as this one. Jim Sheridan’s Brothers takes off so fast, that you just feel that you have watched a lot of already. It’s got a story similar to the love triangle thing in Pearl Harbor, but that was Michael Bay.

Jake Gyllenhaal takes care of his older brother’s wife (Natalie Portman) and children as her husband (Tobey Maguire) goes missing in Afghanistan and everyone assumes that he is dead. Apparently from the trailer, we see that he is not and then it gets very interesting with Tobey Maguire going crazy towards the end. Pretty sure someone is going to die, it just boils down to who lives and how the audience takes it.

This movie is set to release on December 4th, 2009.

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  1. Yes it is a good cast, but early reviews seems not that good as most of them said that the Original film which is a Danish one is much better. Pretty expected, when a remake is made.

  2. Yeah, I cannot wait to see this movie! It is most definitely oozing with talent! This movie IS going to be nominated and at least considered for an Oscar! Jim Sheridan is not going to fall short of his audiences’ expectations!

  3. I actually saw it last night and loved it. It’s a pretty deep tear-jerker and taps some complicated emotions. Very well written with phenomenal performaces from the cast. Tobey will surely win an Oscar or 2. Also, in comparison with “Brodres” it pays great respects to the original but definitely stands on it’s own as a great film. I recommend seeing both.


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