Thor in Asgard

Natalie Portman will be the reason for Thor to stay on earth.

Here is the first look from where Thor comes from. The set does not really look that good. But it has to do something with the budget in hand I guess. But they could have gone the digital route for this film.

The film stars Anthony Hopkins and gives us a distant look into Asgard. There is a sight of Rene Russo, Tadanobu Asano and Josh Dallas. The characters they play are Frigga, Hogun, Fandral respectively. Loki can also be seen wearing his ceremonial hat.

In the center of it all Thor can be seen. There is chance this could be the start of the war. The film will see him cast down to earth for his arrogance and forced to live among humans where he has the remarkable good fortune to meet sexy scientist Jane. This will be when the film really picks up. Who will want to see the rest of the movie if there is a chance to see Natalie Portman on earth?

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