This is about a series of misfortunate events. Robert Rodriguez’s next film Machete that featured as a trailer in the Grindhouse movie is all set for release. The film is a feature length version of the trailer.

In the beginning Weinsteins were ready to buy the movie rights. But because of a delay on their part it had to go to the Fox studio. Fox will surely invest big this year after the success of Avatar.

The decision for Weinstein was not an easy one. They had seen footage of the film and they didn’t want to invest big for the film. The return on investment was the biggest that made them shy away from this project. They were trying to get the movie for around 3.5 million but they were really not able to survive the market crisis. It has really plagued many old studio bosses.

Sony has bought all the international rights for the film. But Rodriguez has asked for higher backend profits. But it is difficult to assure that looking at his current run of form in the box office. Predators will also be producing and writing for the Predators remake.

There is going to be a string of films that might not get even to the floor if the market looks so down. There is also an issue of when they will want to release the film Machete. They will not be doing that anywhere close by. So you can expect a October release of the film so that it does not coincide with bigger Fox titles.